Safety Considerations


WARNING: Unless specified as such, fabrics are not flame resistant. Keep away from sparks, flames and other sources of ignition. Melting fabric can cause severe burns.

The information provided in this literature is intended as a guide for those having the technical knowledge and responsibility for determining the appropriate protection needs of individuals in specific usage conditions. When selecting protective apparel, ensure that the garments are made from a fabric that is appropriate for the specific situation; carefully consider the work situation and other factors when deciding on the proper seam and garment type. It is the responsibility of the user to assess the level of protection needed and then decide on the appropriate personal protective equipment needed for each circumstance.

Test results are reported as averages. Individual results may vary.

The information provided within this literature refers to the performance of the fabric only, in the laboratory under controlled conditions. It does not demonstrate performance of a whole garment in a use situation. Seams and closures may have different performance characteristics than the fabric alone.

If the garment is being used for chemical resistance, please see additional information in the Tech Library section.

Ensure the garment is worn correctly. The wearer should ensure that the front zipper is properly secured with the flap folded over the zipper. A combination of garments and other personal protective equipment should be used to provide total necessary protection.

Protective apparel should only be used when properly supervised and assisted, following OSHA and industry recommended practices and safety precautions.

Before removing, decontaminate the garment as necessary. Do not re-use or launder apparel. The length of use of garments is determined by the specific end-user application and the types of potential hazards present during use.

Always dispose of used garments in a safe and appropriate manner in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local environmental regulations.



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