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Expertise in both fabric technologies and garment design makes Kimberly-Clark the leader in comfortable, protective apparel.

Fabric Technologies
Reflex® Coverall Design vs. ANSI Sizing
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Kimberly-Clark nonwoven fabrics have set industry standards for decades. Our spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS) fabrics and patented MICROFORCE* Barrier Fabric resist liquid sprays and dry particulates while providing breathable comfort.


Kleenguard® Select, Extra Apparel
Microforce* Barrier SMS Fabric

Outer layers — Cloth-like, yet tough and abrasion-resistant spunbond polypropylene

Middle layer — Intricate web of microfibers filter out many water-based liquids and dry particulates




REPEL® Apparel Fabrics

Outer layers — Film coating resists splash and spray from many liquids and dry particulates

Middle layer — Cloth-like, yet tough and abrasion-resistant spunbond polypropylene


Kleenguard® Ultra Apparel Fabric

Outer layers — Cloth-like, yet tough and abrasion-resistant spunbond polypropylene

Middle layer — Breathable microporous film offering splash and spray resistance to many liquid chemicals and dry particulates


Our REFLEX® Coverall Design Means Extra Comfort And Longer Wear

Kimberly-Clark® Protective Apparel features our unique, patented REFLEX® Coverall Design which exceeds ANSI minimum standards. Kimberly-Clark garments with the Reflex® Coverall Design are larger and 7.5 times less likely to rip out vs.coveralls sewn to ANSI minimum sizing. That means they provide longer wear, which results in a lower cost-in-use and increased worker productivity.

REFLEX® Coverall Design vs. ANSI Minimum Sizing
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A serged seam is a basic stitched seam. Triple thread overlap stitching provides strength and durability.


Our Quality Shows In Every Seam

The seams on a garment are as important as the fabric itself. Kimberly-Clark offers three different seams to choose from — serged, bound, and taped.

  A bound seam is a serged seam that’s reinforced with material binding for strength barrier and tear resistance.

A taped seam is serged, then reinforced with a Saranex® 23P film tape that’s resistant to water and many liquid chemicals.

If your application requires a taped seam that is chemical resistant, you should ensure that the tape offers appropriate resistance to the chemical involved.

ASTM F1001
Liquid Chemicals
Acetone Pass
Acetonitrile Pass !
Carbon Disulfide Pass !
Dichloromethane Pass !
Diethylamine Pass !
n,n-Dimethylformamide Pass !
Ethyl Acetate Pass
n-Hexane Pass
Methanol Pass !
Nitrobenzene Pass !
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) Pass
Sulfuric Acid (98%) Pass
Tetrachloroethylene Pass !
Tetrahydrofuran Pass
Toluene Pass !
! WARNING: Fabric passes penetration testing; however, the chemical is a known or suspected carcinogen or skin absorbed toxin.




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