Complete and total car care means attending to your vehicle from the ground up. Caring for your wheels and tires over the long haul can save you a good deal of money. It can enhance your vehicle’s handling and performance. It can increase your safety on the road. And it can improve your car’s appearance. Remember, what goes around --- comes around. Start giving your tires and wheels the care they deserve and we promise that they’ll return the favor.

Avoid ordinary silicone emulsion protectants that cover over your surface contamination with a shiny synthetic coating. These cause tire discoloration and decay. Clean your tires while you dress them with a complex formula like Meguiar's Intensive Protectant that cleans, beautifies and protects in one easy step, leaving tires looking like new, and free of that "plastic" look.

Most wheels now come with clear coat finishes that require special care. Do not use abrasives or scouring pads on these wheels. One of the safest, most effective wheel cleaners is Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Wheel Cleaner. It contains no acid, toxins or abrasives yet effectively removes stubborn road grime and brake dust and leaves the surface bright and shiny. It is the product recommended by BBS, the world-renowned wheel maker. You're going to love Meguiar's Gold Class Endurance...Tire Protectant Gel. In all honesty, it's in a Class all by itself!

This is totally revolutionary technology that is GUARANTEED to keep your tires looking sharp every day...In spite of the hot California sun, heavy rain storms. even rigorous car washings after days of off-roading, tires keep looking like they are brand new.

A Passion for Perfection.

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Hot Rims /Cool Care All Wheel Cleaner
If you don't know what type of wheels you have, this is the safe choice. Hot Rims is a highly effective formula that removes road grime and brake dust on all wheel surfaces...or surfaces surrounding the wheels. We use tough, penetrating, neutralizing agents that dissolve and lift the dirt and grime by breaking it down and washing it away. Just spray it on and hose it off.

G-9524 ....................24 oz. (Spray)

The Standard in Car
Cover Protection.
Care 4 Your Car: Cover It With Block-It® Fabric!
Car covers made from Block-It® Fabric are lightweight and relatively easy to put on and take off. Our General Protection Line includes three fabric options that are both durable and economically priced. Our Specialty Performance Line of fabrics is uniquely engineered for enhanced protection and longer-lasting use.

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