They say, "It's what's inside that counts," and it couldn't be more relevant than when it comes to the interior of your vehicle. After all, that's where you reside every time you take a ride! That's where you recline for hours at a time. That's where you park the passengers who join you. And that's exactly why you should take steps to enhance your enjoyment when positioned behind the wheel. So sit back, relax and learn all you need to know about sheer driving contentment.

The Standard in Car
Cover Protection.
Care 4 Your Car: Cover It With Block-It® Fabric!
Car covers made from Block-It® Fabric are lightweight and relatively easy to put on and take off. Our General Protection Line includes three fabric options that are both durable and economically priced. Our Specialty Performance Line of fabrics is uniquely engineered for enhanced protection and longer-lasting use.

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